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Camellia Remains in Gloucester County April 23

Camellia has left the Gloucester County landfill, but has only moved a few miles south in Gloucester County. As of this satellite map Camellia is between Woods Crossroads and Ark along US Route 17 (WHITE arrow April 23 at Noon). Appears to be a large farm. There is a veterinary business across Rt 17 from where he is, and Petsworth Elementary School is just north.

20140423 Cam20140423 Cam Woods Crossroads-Ark

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Camellia Revisits Gloucester County Landfill April 20

Camellia is visiting familiar territory – the Gloucester County, Va landfill. He was last here in November 2013. He left the King and Queen County landfill (YELLOW arrow) about Noon April 19, made an overnight stop a few miles away (GREEN and BLUE), then by 9am April 20 (ORANGE) was at the Gloucester landfill. When he has visited here in the past he has spent the night in the Adner Swamp and that is where he is at 6pm April 20 (WHITE arrow).

20140420 Cam20140420 Cam Gloucester landfill

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Camellia at King & Queen County Landfill 4/18/2014

Camellia has returned to the King and Queen County landfill. He was last there in October 2013. Follow the RED line. Camellia took the long flight route almost to Petersburg in order to get to King and Queen County. Maybe it was the winds which have been really strong the past few days. Click on maps to enlarge.

20140418 Cam20140418 Cam King and Queen Landfill

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KE – Transmitter Falls Off – April 10, 2014

KE is now on her own. Her transmitter fell off about April 10 in a farm field a short distance from Surry, VA. The transmitter was recovered by Bart Paxton, Wildlife Biologist from The Center for Conservation Biology. KE was fitted with a transmitter on May 22, 2012 at her nest at Saw Pen Point in the Witchduck area of Virginia Beach. She fledged on June 14, 2012 and left Virginia Beach on July 29, 2012. She never did return to Virginia Beach. Here is the final map for KE.

20140410 KE Surry

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Camellia Returns to Stonegate in Chesapeake 4/15

Camellia did not spend much time at Lake Smith  (YELLOW arrow Apr 12 at 5am)- just a brief visit. He reversed course and flew back to the Pocaty River by Apr 13 1am (GREEN) and stayed there thru Apr 14 at Noon (PURPLE). As of this satellite map Camellia is back in the Stonegate neighborhood in Chesapeake (WHITE arrow Apr 15 at 10am. Follow the ORANGE line – YELLOW arrow, PINK, GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE, PURPLE, YELLOW pointers, and WHITE arrow.

20140416 Cam20140416 Cam Pocaty to Stonegate20140416 Cam Stonegate

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Camellia At Lake Smith/Cypress Point Golf Club Apr 12

So much for predictions! Trying to forecast where Camellia will be is even worse than trying to tell in advance what the weather will do in an hour. Camellia stayed briefly at Pocaty River (YELLOW arrow). He left immediately for Stumpy Lake (PINK) and Gum Swamp (GREEN and BLUE), then the landfill on Centerville Turnpike (ORANGE). From there he flew north to Little Creek Reservoir (PURPLE), and as of this map at 5:00am April 12 he was at the Cypress Point Golf Club on Lake Smith (WHITE arrow).

20140412 Cam20140412 Cam Lake Smith

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Camellia Returns to Pocaty River Apr 9 2014

Camellia has returned to a very familiar place – the Pocaty River in Chesapeake. He has been here many times in the past 3 1/2 years. He left Bailey Creek early the morning of April 9 and flew first to the area around Hillcrest and the Chesapeake Bypass, then on to the Pocaty River arriving at 4:00pm and still there as of this map at 5:00pm. In the past when Camellia has come here he has stayed for a few days at a time. Will he this time??? Hmmm!! Next map please.

20140409 Cam20140409 Cam Pocaty River


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Camellia Remains at Baily Creek – Chesapeake April 8

Looks like Camellia has found a good fishing hole right beside Interstate-664 on Bailey Creek in the Western Branch section of Chesapeake, VA. Camellia has flown only a couple miles from the creek during the day, but is right back where he was on the previous satellite map. Unfortunately, it does not look like there is a good place to pull off to try to locate him.

20140408 Cam20140408 Cam Bailey Creek Again

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Camellia on Bailey Creek – Chesapeake Apr 6

Camellia is still in the same Western Branch part of Chesapeake, VA. As of this map he is right beside I-664 on Bailey Creek – White arrow at 9am April 6. No data from Apr 4 at 9am to Apr 5 at 1am. Data points are YELLOW arrow Apr 3 at 1:00am, PINK pointer Apr 4 at 9:00am, GREEN pointer Apr 5 at 1:00am, Blue pointer Apr 5 at Noon, PURPLE pointer Apr 5 at 1:00pm, ORANGE pointer Apr 6 at 1:00am, and as of this map WHITE arrow Apr 6 at 9:00am. Click on maps to enlarge.

20140406 Cam20140406 Cam Bailey Creek

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Camellia in Glenmore Neighborhood, Chesapeake 4/3/2014

“Sorry to tell those of you who were looking for me (Camellia) in Stonegate. I didn’t stay there long. I am still exploring!!”

For the past three days Camellia has been in an area just north of the Great Dismal Swamp in Suffolk and Chesapeake. As of this map at 1am Apr 3, Camellia is in the Glenmore neighborhood between I-664, Jollif Rd and Dock Landing Rd (WHITE arrow).

There was no data for March 31, however he left Stonegate late on March 30. Data points are YELLOW arrow Mar 30 at 6pm, PINK pointer April 1 at 1am, GREEN pointer April 1 at 5pm, BLUE pointer Apr 2 at 1am, ORANGE pointer April 2 at Noon, and as of this map WHITE arrow Apr 3 at 1am.

20140403 Cam20140403 Cam Glenmore

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