Posted by: rlukei | June 22, 2009

June 17-21 map of Azalea flights

gemap20090622.jpgNew map of satellite readings of the flight of Azalea (HH) June 17 through about 2pm Sunday June 21. On the 19th she made a flight across Lake Whitehurst. She is beginning to expand her range. Also went past foot bridge, across the canal and past World of Wonder.

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Her flight skills are getting better…it’s just those landings? 🙂

Azalea is doing it right! Flying across bodies of water already. We’re like PROUD parents! Way to go, Azeala!

While I happy to see Azalea’s flight I’m also sad because I know we will be losing our babies before too long.

I second that, Jules! I’ve enjoyed this year’s eaglets emensely! Learned buckets of info and have nothing but the utmost praise for the folks behind this whole effort.

Go, be free, and prosper little ones!! We’ll be watching for you, Azalea – if only on a map. . . 🙁

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Love this eagletrak! I have watched since the beginning and a co-worker and myself can tell the eaglets apart. We call HK- Nosey (he really is) and HH -Baby. Nosey is easy because of all the white feathers on his chest in a “vvvv” pattern and a lot of white in his tail. Baby has a mostly solid chest while Azalea is the darkest and largest with a white spot on her chest, plus of course the transmitter. We can also tell the parents apart. One has a white spot on the leftside on the wing, think that might be Mom. I will be sad to see them go but look forward to next year.

I, too, have watched the eagles since the beginning. The emotions within me about these beautiful birds almost scares me. I’ve become obsessed with all of them and I have to see them everyday. It will be sad to see them go, I feel like their my babies!
I do wish the biologist wrote on a regular basis to teach all of us more about the eaglets and the parents.
I had feared that one day an eaglet would fall out of the nest because it just doesn’t seem like much room in there and lo and behold, she did! Almost died! I have so enjoyed this time watching the life as an eagle, what an honor we all have to see such beauty.
Some people go a lifetime and never see an eagle. Look what we get!!
Thanks to everyone out there that has made this possible for us all.

Nest cameras give us an amazing window on the otherwise private life of wild creatures like these eagles. It is hard not to think of them in terms of human emotions & feelings. But the truth is that in the wild, the reason for multiple progeny is to ensure the survival of at least one. Sad to think about, but maybe since these eagles are being raised in an ecosystem plentiful with food, they’ve all got a good chance. In any case, they are beautiful creatures and it’s great to watch their natural behaviours.

I am a grandmother, and I feel like these beautiful creatures are going off to college. I learned to watch their body language, like cocking their head, looking like, which limb shall I try to land on, looking up and down, watching mom and dad flying around bringing food, or someone on the ground. I watched them hatch and now leaving home. It has been a wonderful experience.