Posted by: rlukei | June 25, 2009

Azalea map June 25, 2009

gemap20090625.jpgThis map shows the movements of Azalea as recorded by the satellite transmitter. She has not been very far from the nest during this period that covers June 21 at 7am to June 24 at 9pm. Her brother HK on the other hand was seen this morning at the location at NBG referred to as “the dump” on the east edge of Lake Whitehurst being fed a pigeon by one of his parents.

A note about the times shown on the map. They are in Greenwich Mean Time, so to convert that to local EDT subtract 4 hours – i.e. 11:00am becomes 7:00am. Scientists worldwide use Greenwich time so as to be consistent. Critters cross time zones all the time.

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Thank you for your daily updates. This is the first website I look at each morning and it has been so exciting to watch them grow day by day.

That beautiful girl is getting around. Thanks for the updates!

I also look at this website first thing every morning to see how the family is doing. Thanks for keeping us updated.

I love watching these magnificent birds. Hope to do this again next year! Thanks

Our 3rd year of watchng online and what a blessing this year has been for all 3 to have survived, I thank God for that but also for all of you who help this group of Eagles every year. I had to pass on this website to many in my chat room and have heard the pleasure of so many young and old who would never have this type of ability to watch the process. So thank you all for a great year, with hopes of seeing more next year.

This is my third year watching the eagle nest. Have to have my daily eagle “fix.”