Posted by: rlukei | July 3, 2009

HK fledged a month ago

eagles4581.JPGEagle HK fledged one month ago today on June 3. Here he takes his third flight that day. Today he was at “the dump” on the edge of Lake Whitehurst doing what he seems to do quite well, food begging very loudly.

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This is not intended to be gross at all. It was during an observation that I noticed the two younger of the eagles, one on a branch with his/her back to me and another side ways view opposite of the other on another branch. I have never seen an eagle defacate. The first eagle, its back to me , ruffled its feathers and tilting its body, head downward, “let it fly” with such a jet-like force that it so surprised me! Well! If that was not enough to see, the OTHER eagle took the cue to do the same thing. This time I got a side view of this eagle slightly ruffling its feathers and dipping forward, “let ‘er fly” and again I was amazed by the force of which this young eagle used. So…if someone should come across this site and see what is on the lens of the cam and not know what is in the way, you’ll know!

To funny. The eagles defacate in a high arc even when tiny in nest.They try to keep nest clean by shooting over it.
What you see on lens of cam in a very dead spider.It is inside and cannot be removed.
It has been affectionately named Petey.
Now known as the NBG eagle mascot

We at the NCTC site–when seeing an eaglet defacate—refer to it as a ‘POOP SHOOT’—which always brings a big laugh!—Yes–you have described it correctly—-it is released with a jet-like force!!!—Keeps the nest clean!!

Mr. Lukei,
My first grade class followed this eagle family daily from the Fri. before the first 2 eggs hatched until the last day of the school year. We developed an on-going exhibit around them, which encompassed the entire scope of academics as well as extension/enrichment! Since we “adopted” Azalea, I would like to see her/them in person before they leave NBG. How much longer will they be there (in your opinion)?

The usual time that eagles spend around their nest area after fledging varies from about 4 weeks to 2 months. HK fledged on June 3, HE on June 8 and Azalea (HH) on June 13. As the map I posted today shows, Azalea has begun to expand her range. I expect they will be around NBG for about two or three more weeks.