Posted by: rlukei | July 6, 2009

Satellite map June 29 to July 4

gemap20090705.jpgThe latest satellite data indicates that Azalea has begun to spend a lot of her time away from the nest area. This map covers the period June 29 at 2pm to July 4 at 1pm. The area she is using is near the “dump” which is used by NBG for its shrubbery trimmings, grass clippings and such matter. It is near Lake Whitehurst and close to the runway at Norfolk International Airport.

Click on the map to enlarge it.

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Mr. Lukei: Are the parents continuing to provide food for the fledgelings? How are the fledgelings taught to forage for themselves? How long does it take for them to become totally self-sufficient? Is an 8% emaciation rate considered high for raptors?

Susan – Yes the eaglets are still being fed by the adults. Yesterday HE was fed at the nest. NBG staff have seen them being fed away from the nest at a location known as “the dump” where the vegatation scraps are taken. The young mainly learn from their observation of their parents. They will be on their own within the next few weeks. Some do not survive, but I do not know how many die from emaciation. I rescued 3 Osprey last week that surely would have died from emaciation. One because it was out of the nest too soon and two because the adult female died in the nest and the male was bringing fish but not feeding them. It does happen.

Thanks for your response, Mr. Lukei. Since the eggs appeared in the nest, I’ve checked in every day for my “energy boost”. As they stretched their wings they became “Show Off – HK”; “So So – HE”; and “Slow Mo – HH/Azalea”. I’ve become a “mother hen” questioning my chicks development! A BIG thanks to you and all your work.