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Azalea on the Move

This is the last web photo of the season of Azalea as she looks down at Joe Foreman take her photo which has been posted on both forum sites. Shortly after this photo at 7:45am yesterday August 21, she flew from this nest tree branch.  As soon as I receive the detailed satellite map I will get it posted on this blog site, but we do know that she left Norfolk Botanical Garden by sometime mid-day on Friday and headed due north across Chesapeake Bay and by evening was on the Upper Peninsula of Virginia near Kilmarnock.

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God speed, Azalea, I will miss you.

joefore posted yesterday on the NBG forum: “We saw her flying high and crying at 1:00 with a couple of Osprey who were migrating south.”

Godspeed Azalea!

Ooooh, my heart just gave a lurch when I read Reese’s post…..Azalea will come back – just one more time, won’t she? My youngest is fledging this year too – 13 days from now. One thing we can count on in this life is change.
Question: At what point in time will the adults chase Azalea (or her brother/sister)out of the nest area? When they begin to build their nest again?

Thanks Reese- about 130 eagle miles pretty good for one day.
So glad she gave us a goodbye wave and wish her well and many friends on her journey

You will always be our Azalea.I will miss seeing your beautiful face. If you fly by Central Park give a wing wave to Pale Male and Lola. LOL to you big girl.

Oh dear, my stomach just did a flip-flop. How I will miss her!! What a personality she has, and yes a goodbye wave.
Godspeed sweet Azalea; we’ll be following you!
Thanks Reese & CCB……………now I have to go shed a tear. 🙁

Reese, Why doesn’t the “Wildlife Tracking” map show a point for when she overnighted in North Carolina?

This is so sad. I have truly loved watching the eaglecam, the beautiful pictures and the satellite tracking of our beautiful Azalea. I pray she will stay safe and come back to visit. I am going to miss her.

Chris7 – The map only shows the satellite data points every 3 days. Azalea made her round-trip flight to N.C. during the 24-hour period from 1:00pm Aug 17 to 1:00pm Aug 18. The data points were on August 15 and about 2:00pm Aug 18, by which time she had returned to Norfolk Botanical Garden. That is why I post the detailed maps with hourly satellite data points of her travels here on this blog site. Stay tuned!!

Well I am certainly going to miss her! I guess this marks the end of the season, my first. What an experience! It makes me kind of sad. But good for her, good for all of them. 🙂

Well,,the baby is certainly on the move..Could be worse guys and gals. At least there will be a track on her for a while!!! Might be the last time we see her, but at least the track is on her.

OH AZALEA, you have given us so much joy!!! I feel so sad…and just pray that she has a happy and healthy life!!! We love you Va eagles!!!

Reese..I’m assuming by your first statement “this is the last web photo of the season” that the Eagle cam has been turned off for the year? And what a great year it’s been. I think it’s safe to say many have learned a lot from the Eagle cam and thanks to supporters and the CCB we can learn even more over the next 3 years from “Azalea’s” travels. Thank you so much for keeping us “up-to-date” with this blog and answering the questions asked. I’m curious as to how often banded Eagles (or any banded bird for the matter) are reported being seen or photographed? I know it’s on a lot of peoples minds (including mine) as to where “HE” and “H-the man K” has ended up and if Azalea followed their lead or if she ventured on her own. The last question doesn’t need answering unless you own a crystal ball.


Oh how sad I am along with everyone else.

Duane – If I had a working “crystal ball” I would have known that the camera was going to go down during a thunder storm about an hour after I wrote my last blog entry. An attempt to get the camera up this morning failed. What I meant for my comment to say was that Azalea had finally left Norfolk Botanical Garden and I would not get another web photo of her this season.
I don’t have any statistics on how many banded birds are recovered. Over the years I have had over 200 recovered and know of 3 Osprey that nested this year on the Lynnhaven River. One juvenile bald eagle that I banded in 1995 (the first born at Stumpy Lake in Va. Beach) is now in a Zuni Indian Raptor Center in New Mexico because it broke its wing in Florida and did not heal properly.
As for HE and HK, we are very hopeful that those bright purple bands are going to show at one of the bald eagle concentration areas, or back here next season.
The interest and support from the public this year and last year has been just fantastic!!

I’ll be at Caledon over the Labor Day weekend. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for our babies!

Maybe she’ll hang out at the power plant on the York River. I see many young and adult bald eagles during the winter months sitting in the trees, snatching up fish, eating and fighting over it over the fish. Lots of fun to watch.

I was a little teary-eyed when I read Monday morning that Azalea had left the NBG area over the weekend. I feel like a part of me left with her. I truly enjoyed reading about her and her family. I wish them well on their journeys, and I look forward to hearing about them in the future.

My HS biology students have enjoyed watching the eagles grow up. This was my first season watching and I am hooked on eagles now. Thank you for all the posts keeping us updated. Wishing parents and HE, HK, and HH (Azalea) the best.

Is it the third day yet?? We are all so hungry for updates!

I will miss watching this wonderful family of Eagles…. I am looking forward to next year and seeing the next brood hatched, raised and fleged..

Azalea..God Bless and God Speed to you and your Siblings … as well as the parents of these gorgeous Eagles!!!

I feel so bad today, that things have come to a halt. I miss seeing Azalea sitting on the branch, crying out to mom and dad. I hope for her, and the other two, that they will be safe and enjoy their lives. Maybe they will come back to visit some time! I have shed tears..I will miss being able to see all of them. Can’t wait til the next time comes around..I will be watching! Thanks for having it on the’s been fun, and a thrill. God keep watch over the eagles!!!!

I’m new to this site, have been watching the Duke Farm eagles, and switching to the VA eagles. I’ve become very attached to Azalea. I’m so glad she had the transmitter on so that we all can follow her adventures.

God speed Azalea. Already I’m missing her and her brothers. I hope they are all doing well. I hope they all find their way back to the nest tree next year. It will be fun to follow Azalea on her adventures. Thanks so much for the updates.

She is not really gone. We will just be watching her in a different way! Look forward to next nesting season. 🙂

By the way the eagle chat room is still open for all you eagle lovers.

I really have enjoyed the eaglets this year. I watch each year,the parents are great, I was their before they hatched and was there when they did and am still watching. I went to watch them put the transmitter on my girl Azalea,she is a beautiful girl and have been in love since. Good Luck to her brothers and Azalea hope you come back next year.

There are a couple of comments about Azalea’s brothers… Azalea’s siblings are the first-hatched HK and last-hatched HE. HK is a male, but HE is a female…

Does anyone know where she has traveled to so far or where she is now?

You can see from the WildlifeTracking site, Azalea’s location as of yesterday (Northern Neck, near the Potomac)

This was my first season of watching the NBG eagles. I loved every moment of it. The Eagle Cam was the first site I launched every morning. I will miss all those beautiful eaglets so much and pray they live long productive lives. I am now a true eagle lover. Thanks to all who have provided such a wonderful experience for us to witness. I can’t wait for next season.

I think Azalea May be with mom or dad and followed them…She was so closely connected…I don’t think she all of a sudden decided to leave. Are both parents around?

I have already left a response..I miss all of the eaglets very much. I do hope all three are safe, and enjoying their freedom. I think of Buddy often too..poor little guy. I do wish them all a wonderful, exciting life. I am already waiting for the next season, and hope all will go as well as this one did. Thanks for it all…Love those eaglets!!!

Reese, you have done a splendid job with this website blog. We Eagle watchers/chatters commend you for this fine work.

Now, the Eagle watchers/chatters look forward to the tracking of Azalea since Azalea has left NBG (and the cam is also shut down) and more than ever and to have updates at least 3 times in a week. We all understand the work that you put into this BUT over 30 chatters are anxiously waiting every minute of every day to see where Azalea is. Would you please update the tracking map more often than once a week??