Posted by: rlukei | August 26, 2009

Where is Azalea (Map)!!

The question(s) of the week is “where is Azalea?” and more specifically “where is that satellite map you promised??) The latest data  about 7am Aug 24 places Azalea on the Upper Peninsula of Virginia north of Kilmarnock and just south of the mouth of the Potomac River. As for the map, CCB has the data but it has to be processed through a special Google program in order to extract the hourly data that allows us to produce the detailed map that gets posted to this blog site. There are times when the biologists who can do this are in the field doing research, and that is what the delay is all about this time. They are trapping and fitting more satellite transmitters on more whimbrel – you can check that out on Look for Machi, Pongo and Webb. By the way – Hope (the Whimbrel) was located in St. Croix, USVI, had her photo taken, and was featured in The Virgin Islands Daily News on Aug 24.

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Thanks so much for letting us know. I signed up via e-mail in hopes to follow her and was curious about when it would start. Keep keeping us informed, it’s wonderful to read about her. I miss them all!! Thanks for all the work everyone has done to allow us to view such a spectacular event.

Just wanted to let you know that watching the eagles hatch and grow up was really so special, and thanks to everyone for all that they do to keep eagles in our world. I anxiously await next spring when hopefully the process will begin again. Good luck, Azalea!

HE HK and AZ – I miss you more than words can express. I pray that you all live long wonderful lives – free of anything that would do you harm. Fly free with the winds of all our love at your back.
AZ – you will always be our wonderful Diva.
Thanks so much Reese. Thanks to ALL involed in making it possible to bring this wonderful Family of Eagles into our life. We have been blessed to have witnessed it all. Special thanks to MOM and DAD for giving us this special family. You are always in my heart little ones. Dixie

thank you ever so much for allowing us to see azalea on her travels.i look for her map first thing i do every day.
it has an uplifting feeling each and evry day

My thanks to all involved in allowing us to watch our eaglets and now the traking is just great. Alot of work has to have gone into this whole adventure. Fun to follow Azalea.

This spring and summer, I spent many hours with the Eagle Cam as my screen, morning thru evening, watching the miracle of birth, parenthood and the young, as they took to their wings. It was incredible to be so close to something so spectacular. Thanks to all who made it possible. Also, thanks to “Zoomer” who manned the station to give us great views as they started to seek their new world. I hope that they continue to florish and perhaps, someday, Azalea will return. She was very entertaining in her demands as a Diva. God Bless them all.