Posted by: Libby Mojica | August 28, 2009

Azalea foraging on Little Wicomico River, VA

Azalea continues to explore the Northern Neck peninsula of Virginia. She’s spent most of this week roosting and foraging on the Little Wicomico River near the town of Vir-Mar Beach. This section of the river has many shallow coves and shoreline habitat that make it easier for her to see and catch fish.

Reese is out of town for the weekend but will return on Monday with the next posting.


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Looks like our girl is finding her way and exploring and settling in – good for her!

And thanks to you, Libby, and Reese, for this entire wonderful project! Looking forward to seeing how she gets along!


I’m so thankful for the updates on Azalea, keep them coming! Got my calendar too, it’s beautiful! What a great job on the photography and lay out!

Thank you so much for keeping us informed.
Its wonderful knowing Az is doing so well at this time. I wonder just how far she’ll go. Of course we will know,thats the purpose for tracking her.
I hope her brother and sister are doing well too.
Can’t wait for the next season.Last years eaglet seems to be doing well,I don’t know if there will come a time when he can be release. His beak is looking good and he is a beauty.My eagle made an appearance at her nest this past week,guess she is checking things out for around Thanksgiving
when they start repairing the nest for the season.
This will be the 5th year and the nest is huge.
Thanks for letting me speak about my eagles here
in Fl. Wish we had tracking for them,wish I could track Az in person but I don’t think she’ll come this way

Thank you both for keeping us updated on her. This tracking is very interesting. Helen

Thanks Libby. We appreciate you keeping us updated when Reese is unavailable.

Thanks! I just found your blog and looking forward to following along.