Posted by: rlukei | August 31, 2009

Azalea relocates a few miles south

Azalea has been exploring a wider section of the Northern Neck (also called Upper Peninsula) of Virginia. On Aug 25 Azalea ventured over to the Reedville area and for a brief time satellite transmission was lost, likely because of cloud cover. On Aug 28 in the afternoon, Azalea relocated south to an area just north of the Wicomico River south of Burgess, VA on Route US-360 and west of Va Rt-200 and northwest of Blackwells. There is a small stream off the Wicomico River where she spent the nights of Aug 28 and 29 and she was still there at 2:00pm Aug 30. She is exploring that area including flying to the south side of the Wicomico River just west of Tippers, VA. I think we can safely assume she is finding food because she is expending a lot of energy flying about.

A reminder to click on the map to get a full screen view.

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I know exactly where she is…we owned property on that small stream years ago I don’t think it has changed ..lots of small fish….tall hard woods and pines… and quiet…enjoy beautiful Azalea…If you hang around I’ll try to get up there to find you.. Are her leg tags easy to see with binoculars ?

this is so cool! thanks a million

Patty, if you do find her maybe you should try to get a picture for us! Wouldn’t that be sweet!

Azalea has a large purple tag on her left leg (reads HH) that is easy to see with binoculars and also look for the antenna protruding from her back. She has a band on her right leg which is more difficult to see and impossible to read.

i really am enjoying seeing where our girl is at this time.i wish her all the luck in the world.will she come back next year,like her parent’s.

I will do my best to take a day trip soon..I will keep checking the eagle track to make sure she stays around that location I would love to get pictures of her and to see if she is on her own Wish me luck..

NCPatty, thank you for your beautiful pictorial of Az’s newest home! Sounds so wonderful, just right for her! Thank You !

NCPatty – The reason for the purple bands are to make it easier to see. Azalea is wearing the purple band on her left leg. If you can find her and get close enough you should be able to see the antenna on her back. There are 16 nesting pair of bald eagles in Northumberland County, so she may not be the only one you see. She will be the only one with an antenna. None of the other 60 eagles with satellte antennas are in that area.

Just wondering if Azalea’s siblings have possibly been seen anywhere? It would be interesting to know if they headed in the same direction. I am thrilled we are tracking Azalea — so wonderful to be able to follow one of our own. Fly strong and free, Azalea!