Posted by: rlukei | September 13, 2009

Azalea returns to Little Wicomico River

Azalea has been exploring again. She spent the day of Tuesday Sept 8 around the Rappahannock River east of Layton, VA and spent the night Sept 8 on the north shore of the River. The morning of Wednesday Sept 11 she flew east into Richmond County, over Warsaw about noon to southeast of Kennard to Totuskey Creek where she moved about a few times then spent the night of Sept 9. She left early Thursday morning Sept 10 flying east over Moores Mill, VA and back into Northumberland County and to the mouth of Presley Creek on the Potomac River which is east of Walnut Point, VA. She spent the night of Sept 10 there. About 7:00am Friday Sept 11 she flew east back to the Little Wicomico River just south of Vir-Mar Beach, VA where she spent several days in late August and early September. This is the same place she flew to when she left Norfolk Botanical Garden!! At 1:00pm Sept 11, the time of this map, she was still there. So, why did she leave the bald eagle concentration area on the Rappahannock River and return to the Little Wicomico River? Sure would like to be able to ask her that question, because we just don’t know.

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our AZ is a busy gal…..checking everything out b/4 she makes her decision…lol it’s wonderful that we are able to ‘follow’ her as she moves about. wonder where she’ll finally settle down? only she knows that…..

Wonder too why she went back.
Maybe the eagles there are more her age ?
Better mentors ?
Or somewhere she can steal fish ?
Thanks Reese and CCB

Oh Azalea – how spoiled you are. Face it girl, you just won’t find any place as beautiful as NBG and no one to bring you dinner like Dad did. What beautiful sites you must be seeing and all the things you are learning – like how to find your own food. You are very smart in that you can return right back to where you were a few days prior, who knows, maybe you will come back to visit us. Stay safe and keep in touch.

mvk I couln’t agree with you more. we all just love her.

I love her too and hope she stays safe and healthy,looks like my eagles are returning to the nest repairing and getting ready for the new season. Thanks for keeping us informed even tho
I’m in Florida and have no chance of seeing Az,but follow her anyway. Love the coverage.
Can’t wait for your new season to start

our little girl does love to travel. I’m wondering if the other eagles would run her off? Or maybe fish is better at Wicomico River. Thanks again for all the updates.Keep them coming,we all love hearing about our little girl.

betty – Bald eagles are usually tolerant of each other this time of year, especially in these concentration areas where the fish are usually plentiful. See my post today – Sept 14. Azalea flew on to more familiar territory, but as of this afternoon was in a new location.