Posted by: rlukei | September 26, 2009

Azalea back to Shores of the Potomac

I do not yet have a detailed map to post, but this is to update you as to Azalea’s location. She did not stay at the landfill in King and Queen County for long, and has returned to familiar territory to her along the creeks that empty into the Potomac River in Northumberland County.

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I am so glad. I didn’t think she would fit in with that trashy bunch. After all, she was born and raised in the beautiful gardens with lots of great fish to eat, and we know she does not do feathers well. Hopefully she is enjoying her new found independence, soaring in the thermals and nesting on waterfront property.

Thank you Reese for these updates.

Welcome back Azalea!!

Thanks so much for keeping track of Azalea. I really feel connected to her and hope you continue watching her and reporting to us where she has ventured.

Thank you,
Carleen LaRonde
LaFayette, NY

mvk once again you are so funny. She was hanging with trash. I’m glad that she realized it. Thanks again for the update.

So happy to hear Azalea is doing well. Thank you the updates. Its so interesting to follow her. I read where the NBG eaglet from last year can not be release due to his beak. He is beautiful. Our 2 eagles in our some park are doing nestorations right now and will be nesting around Thanksgiving
They are beautiful too. Its hot here in Fl but our eagles are doing well. Again thank you for the updates

azalea is back !!!!! she did run with trash for awhile,she is a upper class girl. she is used to the best,born and raised in a beautiful gardens with great parents. she needs to be on waterfront property. hope she stays there. Thanks again for the updates.Keep them coming.