Posted by: rlukei | October 2, 2009

Back to K&Q Landfill

I don’t have an updated map yet, but it appears that Azalea has returned to the King & Queen County landfill. I will post a new map as soon as I get it.

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Our baby is slumming it again.

I am not familiar with the area. Can you tell us what distances she is flying to get back and for to this area? Is this standard behavior for a juvenile eagle? With winter soon to arrive shouldn’t she be settling in one area? Thanks for keeping us updated!!

Laura – Distance is about 40 miles from shores of the Potomac River (Hull Creek) to King & Queen County landfill. I expect that on a clear day she can see from one place to the other when she is soaring. It is normal behaviour for juvenile eagles to wander about as she is doing, and will likely do so during the winter months. The satellite transmitter data will tell us if that is correct or if she finds a place she likes and stays put. Stay tuned.

Gosh I hope she comes to her senses and leaves there soon. It seems that many of the eagles that have ended up at the WCV have been found at landfills.

Uh oh! She has went back to that trashy bunch. Helen

Not sure if it’s the landfill that is causing the Eagles to get injured or if there’s easy pickings there for injured birds and that’s why they end up there. Either way, thanks for the update Reese on the Diva Dumpster Diver…lol. (I’m kidding of course about the name). A juvi Eagle was spotted over the nest at NBG and the adults just watched it….one wonders if it was one of the fledglings from last year. It’s going to be interesting to see the reaction of the adults if one of them returns home…I’m sure the red carpet won’t be rolled out for their homecoming.

A question I’ve been meaning to ask and you may or may not know the answer….A fellow photographer that follows Eagles in the Northern States commented about how quickly the three Eaglets left the area this year…He’s observed that Eaglets up North tend to stay with the adults throughout the winter until the adults start nesting again and I was wondering if Eagles further South leave quicker because of an availble food source or if climate has anything to do with it.