Posted by: rlukei | October 4, 2009

Where are the Satellite Eagles?

So, just where are the bald eagles that have been fitted with satellite transmitters by The Center for Conservation Biology? In addition to Azalea from the Norfolk Botanical Garden, 63 other bald eagles from the northern Chesapeake Bay region are wearing transmitters fitted to them in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Of the 63 transmitters, 8 are no longer transmitting a signal.  Six of those last sent a signal from Maryland and two from Canada. This is where the 55 bald eagles with active transmitters are as of this week:

2 – Maine

33 – Maryland

4 – Pennsylvania

3 – New York

2 – Delaware

2 – Virginia

1 – Florida

1 – South Carolina

7 – Canada

You can view the latest satellite data location of the bald eagles at

Photo is Dr. Bryan Watts holding an adult bald eagle with satellite transmitter just prior to release.


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Reese, Do all of the eagles with transmitters also have the purple field bands? Thanks.

chris7 – The purple bands, which identify an eagle as being banded in the Chesapeake Bay region, were first used in 2007 and most of the satellite transmitter fitted eagles have them.

Reese- Thank you for the info on the “other ” travelers.
We wonder if AZ will be one who never leaves Virginia.
She has always been the lazy one.
Is there info on male to female ratio which travels further form home base ?

Wow, very interesting on the tracking. Thanks! It just amazes me. I love learning so much from everyone about the eagles!

They call the one in Florida a “snowbird”.

It’s interesting how the have scattered from Canada to Florida. Long way apart. Helen