Posted by: Libby Mojica | October 20, 2009

Azalea Headed West Oct 17-19

Azalea continued to hang around the Little Wicomico River (pronounced Why-com-eh-coh) and the Chesapeake Bay shoreline over the weekend. Yesterday, she began moving west over the Northern Neck of Virginia. We can only guess where she’s going, maybe back to the Rappahannock River and the National Wildlife Refuge. Tune in for the next Azalea update on Friday!

Reese will be back hosting the blog tomorrow. He’s also giving a talk at NBG on Azalea this weekend.


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All we can do is watch and wonder….but it’s always interesting to see where she will take us. Thank you, Libby.

I’ll see some of you Sat. at NBG πŸ™‚

Azalea is amazing. She makes you wonder what her next move will be. Thanks for the updates!

our girl azalea is something else.she likes to keep us all guessing. thanks for all the up-dates.i cann’t wait for the next one.god bless azalea.
thanks again for all you guys do.see you on sat.

Thank you for all the updates.

Thanks Libby for doing the updates. I will check in again on Friday. Helen