Posted by: rlukei | October 25, 2009

Azalea Gets Northumberland Wanderlust

Well, since the last map posting of Oct 19, Azalea has been all over Northumberland County, Virginia. She last appeared to be heading west, but instead went back to familiar territory around Hull Creek off the Potomac River. Then on Oct 18, 19 and 20 she explored some new Northumberland sights off the Chesapeake Bay around Reedville and Fair Port. Having satisfied herself there she returned to familiar grounds over Burgess and Vir-Mar. Getting the itch to travel again, on the 24th she headed back east to the Chesapeake Bay and spent the night just east of Lilian, VA and north of Chesapeake Beach where you will find the white data mark indicating where she was last reported at 10:00am Oct 25.

You can get a close up view of where Azalea is located by going to either Google Earth or MapQuest and entering Fairport or Reedville, VA and zooming in close. She is on a small creek south of the southern branch of the Little Wicomico River just off Chesapeake Bay and due east of VA Rt 652.

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thanks! it’s wonderful to see her travels

Appreciate you update on Azalea.Thank you so much.

She is one traveling lady. Thanks for the update.

Thanks Reese maybe she is coming to say hi to us 🙂 Thanks for the white bulls eye too.

This girl loves to travel. She is fascinating! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Thanks for all the up dates.Our girl loves to travel.Hopes she come back home to visit .Hope we get to see her. Thanks for everything.

Thank you so very much for the update. This is just so fascinating.

Thank you Reese for the new information. Would love to see her come back for a visit. She is in beautiful country and I wouldn’t blame her if she settles down up there. Can’t wait to see the next update.

Thanks again.

Reese, the pouch that the eagle has when the stomach is full, besides the indigestable contents, is it capable of storing “good food” to eat later in the winter months when food is scarce?

The pouch or “crop” is just for short term storage of no more than 2 or at most 3 days.

Thanks Reese!!

rkukei, i really want to thanks you for all the up-dates on our girl.i know everyone has enjoyed them.i know i have. cann’t wait for another one.god be with her,hoping we all can maybe see some of her babies some day. thanks again.