Posted by: rlukei | November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat in Water View, VA

On Oct 28 Azalea was exploring the area of Lancaster County, VA near Weems, and she continued to do so until about noon on Oct 29 when she crossed the Rappahannock River to Middlesex County at Water View, VA. She settled down on a branch of the Rappahannock south of Water View where she stayed until 11:00am Oct 31. She then overflew Water View and found a small pond west of town and south of Rt 604 and a place named Nesting. She spent Halloween on the pond.

You can locate the pond Azalea was at on Halloween at 5pm by searching MapQuest for Water View, VA and zooming in just west of town to the pond south of Nesting on Rt 604. Aerial view is best.

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thanks again. this is almost as good as seeing her

She seems to like the suppy of food in that general area. Hope she’s not lonely and there are other eagles her age that are keeping her company!! Do eagles “hang out??” or are they very territorial??

Reece, i tried to hook up to the barn owls but it won’t let me. i also have cob is. 2,3 and 4? but either way, i can’t get in, although i can with eagle cam. any suggestions??

Patti – you probably need to allow Axis to run. Check the page after you click Falcon Cam for a line near top of page asking if you want it to run

Azalea – you are visiting some beautiful country and how appropriate that you stop over in a place called Nesting. You must be finding plenty to eat as you seem to have lots of energy. Here’s wishing you fair skies and lots of fresh fish for your tummy. Stay in touch.

Thank you Reese for these wonderful updates. Now if we could only see a photo of her.

it was a pop up block on the business computer but i over rode it and got in. birds are more interesting to catch glimpses at anyway during the day. This camera is not like the eagle cam!! Thanks for the help.

just got today’s updated map. she’s edging further south, getting close to the old home

Thanks for the updates Reese.

She’s stopping to get HE and HK then headin home (I hope). It would be wonderful to know that all 3 of them are safe.

Is there any idea when the NBG Eagle Cam will be up and running again?? We do not want to miss Azalea’s homecoming !!
Thanks so much for your updates..

Jan#1 – Next week we will take the camera down and get the dead spider out and clean the lens, readjust the IR light which we think a branch hit and knocked out of line and other maintenance. The camera will be back on as soon as there is enough activity at the nest to justify the expense and our time to keep it operating.

Resse, Thank you so much for your information, we so look forward to each update. We are pretty excited about the NBG web cam coming back into operation and another good year for our Eagles.

Thanks again.