Posted by: rlukei | November 30, 2009

Azalea Near Allmondsville, VA

Azalea spent the days of Nov 23, 24, 25, 26 at the Gloucester County landfill (the correct name is Middle Peninsula Landfill) and the nights in the swampy area east of Adner, VA. On the morning of Nov 27 (Friday) she flew to the landfill then at 9:00am she left flying south to the area near Purtan Lane north of Sassafras, VA where she has been before. She spent the night of Nov 27 there on a small creek where she was Nov 15 and 16. On the morning of Nov 28 she flew a little bit further south to just south of Allmondsville, VA to a small creek off the York River and just north of Morris Farm Lane. That is where she was at 10:00am Nov 28, our data point for this map.

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Good for her. Hopefully she has decided to leave the landfill and hunt for fresh fish in that creek. Thanks for the update. Helen

thank goddness, now maybe fresh fish will be all she want’s. she is getting alot of traveling in,she doen’t like to stay still. Thanks for all the up-dates.

thank you again for you comments

thank you again for you comments. She is our baby. there any way of posting a link in your updates to the landfill each time you point out she’s back there? Dana did some nice work (Nov 24th update) researching what the landfill is like and I think just saying “landfill” is misleading a lot of people making them think she’s digging through trash to find a meal. It sounds like a very lush place to find “safe” food to eat.

Thank you for the updates and I’ll “chat” at you later….lol.

Duane – When Azalea is at the Gloucester County Landfill she is visiting the “developed” part of the landfill that is far from a lush birding habitat. The best way to see what it looks like is to go to MapQuest and search Adner, VA. Zoom in to the NE about two miles. The very large cleared area is the landfill she has been to lately. – Reese

Duane/Dana – The correct name for the Gloucester landfill is Middle Peninsula Landfill and is managed by Waste Management. They show a map location, but not an aerial view which you get on MapQuest. I think Dana may have searched the New Jersey landfill named Gloucester County Landfill. – Reese

It was good to learn Azeala got to eat fish at the landfill. Enjoy the tracking. Mom and Dad will be getting ready to start another family in about a month. Hope the Nor’easter left the nest in good shape. Hope the Eagle cam is there for us to all watch.

Abner – To our knowledge Azalea has NOT been getting fish at the landfill.
The storm did not do any major damage to the NBG eagle nest, and we are working to get the camera back in service for the coming season.

I stand corrected then…and I will stick with my nickname for her which is “Dumpster Diving Diva”. LOL

New Jersey and “Lush” do not belong in the same sentence together either…I lived there for 7 years..I should know. Haha

Lord I hope Azalea does not go to New Jersey. She is a southern Diva and do not think it would suit her very well. A landfill is a landfill – lots to eat but full of danger. Lets just hope that she is picky and only eats the trash from the “good restaurants”.

Thank you Reese for your updates. It must take a lot of your time but we so appreciate it.

Reese, It breaks my heart to read so many stories about eagles eating sodium pentobarbital from euthanized animals at landfills,do you happen to know what the state laws are for Virginia on this matter, thanks

Reese, i go onto the web site for wild life center to check on the chick from last year,they have alot of different age of eagles from landfills there,what are they getting into there,now i’m worried about our girl.Thanks for the up dates.

Mike F – I do not know the VA laws with respect to the use of pentobarbital or disposal of animals treated with it. It was my understanding that such animals were to be incinerated.

Betty – Landfills are full of dangers for birds including eagles. It is usually non-food items that are ingested that cause the most problems.

Reese – I work nextdoor to the landfill in Hampton. We see many guls from time to time. Are they a food source?

Hey rlukei. thanks for the imformation what they eat at the landfills,we can only hope our girl doesn’t like any of that mess.Hope she is fine today.Looking forward to the next up-date.Thanks again.

MBrewer – Yes Mike, Gulls are food if they can be caught. But bald eagles prefer fish.