Posted by: rlukei | December 2, 2009

Azalea Returns to Landfill – Again

After making a short flight to Allmondsville, VA on the York River on the morning of Nov 28, Azalea flew right back to the Middle Peninsula (Gloucester) Landfill by 1:00pm that day. Other than a brief flight on Dec 1 back to Purtan Lane near Sassafras, VA all she has done is fly back and forth from the landfill to the swampy area east of Adner, VA. As of this satellite map at 5:00pm Dec 1 she is back in the Adner swamp.

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Guess it is easier to catch a gull than a fish. Thanks for the update. Helen

I lived at Purtan for 6-7 years until 1981 and we saw eagles often- normally fishing and getting wounded ducks- -there was an unusual problem once, where an eagle killed and took a peacock sitting on a nest one spring- I guess they’ll eat anything