Posted by: rlukei | December 7, 2009

Azalea Travels Dec 1 to Dec 6/7 Midnight

On the last satellite map at 5pm Dec 1, Azalea was in the Adner swamp and that is where she is on this map at Midnight Dec 6/7. She spent the nights of Dec 1, 2, and 3 in the swamp and back to the Middle Peninsula Landfill in Gloucester County during the day. Part of the day on Dec 3 she explored the Poropotank River along the Gloucester/King & Queen Counties border. On the morning of Dec 4 she returned to the landfill, but then she got wanderlust again and at 11am took off flying south across the York River to York River State Park (outlined in green) in James City County where she spent the night. On Dec 5 she moved north along the banks of the York River and then rested overnight just east of Barhamsville, VA in New Kent County. At 10am Dec 6 she took off again recrossing the York River and flew directly back to the landfill in Gloucester County by 2pm. She then returned to the Adner swamp for the night where she is on this map at midnight.

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Thanks for the update. She seems to be checking different places out a lot then returns to the landfill maybe to eat. Helen

I remembr Reese saying she seemed to be a loner——- well if she did not like the company at York River State Park I guess she is !!!

I think it’s time for a landfill fieldtrip !!! I would love to see our Diva and HE and HK. I miss them so much and would love to know all 3 are well.

Our girl is on the move again,she sure cann’t stay still can she? She does like to be alone,maybe she is looking for dad,we know she is a daddy’s girl.Glad to hear she is fine.Would be nice if she did show for the hoildays.Thanks again for all the up-dates.

Any idea when the Nofolk Eagle cam will come back on line, and where it will be posted? I miss that pine tree.

Abner – We plan to replace the IR light and hook up the camera on Friday. WVEC is preparing a new web site for the eagle cam. The plan is to have it all in operation by the end of December.

Maybe she’s still trying to figure out how to catch her own food, and she has to fly around looking for food that is already dead.

Oh my gosh, I finally got info on Azalea, i was going to and they’ve removed the eagle cam. I went to Norfolk Botanical Garden site only to get this hit. This is silly but I’ve been going nuts trying to find out how to get here!! She sure has been moving about. So good to catch up on her. Thanks Reece. I can’t wait to see the nest either……Fantastic for the end of December. Will we be able to go to then or is there another site we should use??? I really don’t want to miss this, it’s been a long time.

Thanks for all you are doing, Reese. If she returns to New Kent County and does a little ‘north-west’ excursion…she could end up near my house in Hanover County! Now, that would be a great Christmas gift!!!

According to our dental assistant, Azalea was spotted by her son on the York River in Almondsville. He saw the antenia on her back and remembered me talking about her. On that siting, according to him, she was not alone, she was with an adult eagle. Is it possible that one of her parents were with her?? The second time he saw her, she was by herself.

Patti – The adult eagle seen with Azalea near Allmondsville could not have been one of her parents because both her parents are at Norfolk Botanical Garden. There are several other bald eagle nests near the York River.

Old now our little diva is hanging out with older eagles,what are we going to do with her.I’m glad she has someone near her.Wish she would come back this way.Thanks again for all the up dates.