Posted by: rlukei | December 10, 2009

Azalea Flies East to Ware Neck, VA

This satellite map covers the period Dec 6/7 at midnight in the Adner swamp to Dec 10 at 11am on Belleville Creek east of Ware Neck, VA. Azalea did not leave Gloucester County during this time. On Dec 7, 8, and 9 she visited the Middle Peninsula Landfill and spent the night in the Adner Swamp. This morning (Dec 10) at 9:00am she flew from the Adner swamp southeast to Belleville Creek which is just east of Belleville Lane in Ware Neck, VA.  You can locate Azalea on MapQuest by searching Ware Neck, VA then zoom in to Belleville Lane which runs NE out of Ware Neck. Belleville Creek is east of Belleville Lane.

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I wonder if crowded conditions (30 other eagles reported at the landfill last week?) have driven our loner to new feeding grounds.

Ann – No one from CCB has been to the landfill. We do not know if the report of 30 eagles is accurate or if at least some of the birds were vultures. Azalea has made several visits to this landfill. No way to know why she leaves and then returns.

I was in Gloucester today just off of 14 not far from Azalea’s last location. I’m heading that way again tomorrow, maybe I’ll see her.