Posted by: rlukei | December 18, 2009

Azalea Update for Dec 11 and 12

As Libby Mojica told you in her post for Dec 10-13, I have been out of town for a few days. The first thing I did when I got back this morning was to check on Azalea. She knew exactly when to return – while I was gone. Here are a couple more details about where she had been on Dec 11, 12 and 13. On Dec 10 she flew directly from Gloucester County (Ware Neck) to the Albemarle & Chesapeake Canal in Chesapeake, VA east of Great Bridge a few miles. On the morning of Dec 11 she joined other eagles in visiting a deer carcass that had been placed in a farm field off North Landing Rd near Courthouse Estates. She returned to the deer carcass again at noon on Dec 12. Mary Reid Barrow wrote an article that appeared Dec 6 in The Beacon (Virginia Beach local paper published by The Virginian-Pilot) about the deer carcasses being placed in this field. From photos provided to me by the farmer, I have identified 12 different eagles that have been on the deer carcass, but that was before Azalea made her visits. I do not know yet if there may be photos of Azalea on the carcass. After her Dec 12 carcass visit she flew to the Virginia Beach part of Stumpy Lake where she spent the night.


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WOW, how great to have Azalea back home for the white Christmas. I know that some went in search of Azalea a few days ago with no success. Wonderful news that gives me hopes that she will remain in the Beach area for awhile. I have a new long range lens for my DSLR camera, would be nice to find and use it for the first time with Azalea as the subject !!

This is my first comment for months but I check daily and appreciate all the good news of her travels. Merry Christmas to you and Libby for keeping this forum going with news of Azalea.


Yeah – Azalea was in my area 🙂

I wish someone could get a picture of us. Be a nice Christmas present. Thanks again for the updates. We appreciated them very much. Helen

OOPs. I meant a picture for us instead of us LOL.

I was so excited about Azalea being here in Chesapeake. I drove to Moyock Thur and watched the skies around north river. I finally saw a eagle, but it was a adult. I could see the white head. Although it wasn’t her, it was exciting.

Nice to know she has been around and that she has had something to eat other than gull and garbage. From the sounds of it, the area is swarming with eagles. Wonder if these are “natives” or just “tourists” on their way south for a little warm weather?

Hope to see her soon.

I laid down in that field in my dead deer costume for 7 hours. Got cold and wet. Never saw Azalea.

My husband was working in the area near Stumpy Lake at the time Azalea was there. He saw several eagles. Wonder if he saw her!

It is great knowing she is back in our area. I hope she sets up a home close by and we can all get to see her. What a fascinating girl.

Thanks for keeping us informed.

Since the Beacon is only delivered to Va Beach, briefly what is the story on the deer carcasses being placed in the fields.

Thanks for the updates.