Posted by: rlukei | December 21, 2009

Azalea, Conowingo, Machipongo Dec 16-19

As of Dec 19, there are three bald eagles fitted with satellite transmitters in southeast Virginia in the area known as Hampton Roads. On this map the ORANGE lines are Azalea, the PINK lines are Conowingo, and the GREEN lines are Machipongo.

AZALEA – On the Dec 16 satellite map Azalea had just made a very brief journey into Currituck County, NC and as this made shows returned right back to Stumpy Lake in Virginia Beach, VA where she stayed overnight. About 8:00am Dec 17 she left Stumpy Lake and flew due north and about 12 noon once again passed over Norfolk Botanical Garden then continued westward across Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake into northern Suffolk then turned north and stopped just south of Smithfield in Isle of Wight County. She spent the day of Dec 18 exploring the Smithfield area and that night rested just north of Smithfield where she is on this map.

CONOWINGO – This second year male was fitted with a transmitter on May 2, 2008 as a nestling in Hartford County, MD in the upper Chesapeake Bay. He has spent the majority of his time flying about the upper Chesapeake Bay and the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. However, early in January 2009 he made a flight to east central North Carolina and passed through Isle of Wight and Suffolk Counties on his way south.  He stayed in NC until early March then flew back to the upper Chesapeake Bay. It appears he is making a return trip, as on Dec 18 he again passed through Isle of Wight and at midnight was in central Suffolk as the PINK line on this map shows. You can see his travels since fledging at

MACHIPONGO – This almost full adult female was trapped and fitted with a satellite transmitter on Sept 12, 2008 in Hartford County, MD as a sub-adult and has spent her entire time since then on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. That is until last week when she crossed Chesapeake Bay and headed directly to the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge In Suffolk and Chesapeake, Virginia. She located Lake Drummond and has made a complete circle around the lake. As of this map she has flown back north across the James River and is near Williamsburg, VA.  Her travels while fitted with a transmitter are at

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Great blog! It was interesting reading about the other two eagles. Thanks for sharing this!

Reese, you are such a sweetheart. The map is wonderful. I get an update from the Sea Turtle tracking site every day, and I have been watching some of the eagles on the list. It was a real treat to see some additional information on the other two. Of course, Azalea will always be #1. One of your Indiana fans.


Thanks for your comments. Who knows, we may be cousins. My ancestors settled Terre Haute, IN in 1821.

thank you so much for your comments. It makes my day reading about the eagles. I also have family in Indiana, Fort Wayne.

I’m glad Azalea went by the garden to say hi to mom and dad! Too bad noone got a picture of her.

It looks like from the map our young lady is traveling more than the other two. Maybe because they are a little older and have settled down more. Bless her heart going by the gardens again. Wonder if she spotted her Mom and Dad. Thank you once again Reese for such a good detailed map and information of where she travels. Helen

Thanks for all the info, Reese. I saw a juvie passing over Northampton Blvd. by Lake Wright yesterday heading southeast.