Posted by: rlukei | December 24, 2009


Merry Christmas from Azalea’s mom (front) and dad (back) in their nest Christmas eve just before dark.

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Glad to see them back. Thanks, Helen

Thanks a million Reese for all that you do. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours. And as always, to Azelea, HK, and HE as well as Mom and Dad. May you all have a happy, healthy year.

Wow. What a great Christmas gift. I’m so happy to see them again. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas everyone.

Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family! THANKS so much for this Christmas Eve picture…made my day!

Hope to see you more often in 2010!

What a great Christmas picture! Merry Christmas Reese and thanks!

Thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas to all and to our beloved eagle family,may they thrive for a very long time. Love the pictures of Mom and Dad ,also that 4 year old male. What a beautiful sight. I look forward to all of this and watch with awe. I think my eagles are missing,hope not.

I was visiting my sister in VA Beach and we went to the gardens Christmas Eve day. We were there for about three hours – late morning – but, alas, we saw no eagles!

Sally – Sorry that you missed the eagles. For the past few weeks they have spent the night near the second nest tree, then about 7am come to the current nest and work on it for an hour or so then leave and return about 4pm. Yesterday they came back about 2:20. As it gets closer to egg laying they will spend more time at the nest. That will be soon.

Hi…….does anyone know when the Eagelcam will return? Really miss watching Mom & Dad! Thanks and Happy New Year!!