Posted by: rlukei | December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Surprise

About 3pm Christmas this almost 4 year old male bald eagle landed on the front branch of the NBG nest tree and stayed until 4pm when one of the adults returned to the nest. Nice Christmas present. Is he one of the 2006 NBG eaglets?? No way to know, because he is not banded. – Reese

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Reese…how do you know this is a male? I just love the coloring for this age of an Eagle. And that sure is s stern look on it’s face. Thanks for posting this…very interesting even if it isn’t one from 2006.

Duane – Size – This is a small eagle. Small head, slender shoulders and small legs. – Reese

I love the way his feathers are changing. Its amazing that eagles seem to take so long to reach maturity. He seems to be so small….but fierce!

Great pictures! Thanks for posting.

How handsome he is…He will have no trouble finding a beautiful Lady…Mom or dad would not recognize him as one of their own…would they? They didn’t chase he off? I still remember Dad’s face when an intruder came to the nest last spring

The photo’s from the eagle cam are very clear. Much better than last year.

It could have very well been an offspring of theirs. I have wondered if it was one of their older brood that came to the nest briefly last year. They have raised quite a few. I am surprised that more don’t come back to visit. Thanks for posting this. Helen

Any news on Our Beautiful Azalea? What has she been up to? Is she still in Gloucester County? How about Cono& Machi?

Hi y’all………Merry Christmas and almost Happy New Year. Does anyone know the date that the Eaglecam will return? The last mention was in an article Nov. 11th that said “coming soon”.

Sure do miss them!

The planned date for the Eaglecam to go live is Jan 11th.

What a wonderful birthday present! Can’t wait to see mom & dad fixing up the nest and starting a new family.Who knows maybe the o9 babies will stop by

Reese……….THANKS so much! Can’t Wait. I also have friends in Michigan, Louisiana, Texas, Wisconsin, and more waiting for a date!

***PLEASE*** post the link again to your gorgeous photos of the Mom and Dad bringing sticks, etc. to the nest. I had planned on forwarding to my friends and had to restart my computer and lost the link!

Those pics are Award quality!

Have a great weekend, Thanks for all you do, Patty

DUANE……..I am soooooo sorry! I finally found the link and apologize for not remembering that YOU posted those AWESOME photos!

Thank you SO much!

Thanks so much for a new year. I followed the eaglea all of last year on my blog. Dad