Posted by: rlukei | December 29, 2009

Azalea – Christmas Week 12/19-28

On Dec 19 Azalea had flown northwest to near Smithfield, VA. On Dec 20 she spent the day exploring Hog Island in the James River, and roosted there overnight. At 10:00am Dec 21 she left Hog Island flying north directly across Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, continuing across the York River by 2:00pm back into Gloucester County. She then turned north and flew right back to the Middle Peninsula Landfill in Gloucester County. For the period from the evening of Dec 21  through the evening of Dec 28, all she did was fly back and forth between the swamp east of Adner, VA, where she roosted each night, to the landfill that she visited each day.

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Reese, thanks so much for the update! I kept looking skyward at my house…but I see now that she didn’t visit Old Church, VA.
If this keeps up, we will have to set up photographers at the “landfill”. It’s dirty work, but someone has to do it!!!

Thanks for all the updates you have given us. It has been an interesting year seeing where all she has gone. Helen