Posted by: rlukei | January 9, 2010

Azalea Remains at Alligator River

As of the morning of Jan 9, Azalea is still in the northern section of Alligator River NWR around South Lake. To learn more about this National Wildlife Refuge, visit their web site, It is 154,000 acres, 28 miles long by 15 miles wide in Dare and Hyde Counties in NC. It is mostly composed of a unique wetland habitat called a pocosin (swamp on a hill), or land that is poorly drained. This time of year Alligator River has many thousands of overwintering waterfowl.

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Thanks Reese,

Azalea certainly knows the desirable sites for pleasant survival !! Do you know if eagles fly in groups or pairs when traveling long distances, such as Azalea did to get from the Middle Peninsula to the Alligator River areas ??

Jan#1 – It may occasionally happen that eagles move in a group, but it is not their nature to do so. If you look at the web site at the satellite track of the 60+ eagles that CCB is monitoring, you will not find any that have followed the same flight pattern. They certainly cross paths and at times may be in the same location (concentration areas) with other eagles, but they got their on their own. Why did Azalea all of a sudden fly from Gloucester to Alligator River? Was she following another eagle? Sure wish we could ask Azalea, because we don’t know.

Thanks Reese,

Guess the next step up is to have a cam as part of the tracking device !! Sound odd but technology has come so far as to track, why not this as well !!

Put my turkey carcass out in the saltmarsh for some stray eagle to enjoy…. so far nothing… Watching from my windows for the event!!

We are located on the western edge of Mashoes. Azalea flew over our house aprox 2:30 PM yesterday – Feb 4, 2009. Two other eagles were sited at this time.