Posted by: rlukei | January 11, 2010

Azalea at South Lake, Alligator River NWR


Azalea has spent the entire time from Jan 6 at 10:00am through Jan 9 at 5:00pm on the eastern part of South Lake at Alligator River NWR in Dare County, NC. South Lake is north of Rt 64 and at 5:00pm Jan 9 Azalea was on the south shoreline of the NE arm of the lake. There are no roads in this area and the only access would be by boat. It is mostly pine forest. She is about 5 miles west of Manns Harbor, NC.

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Sounds as if Azalea has found a lovely area. I’m wondering if she’s feeding on fish or the waterfowl. Whatever it is, it must be plentiful for her to hang out there so long. Another reason we need to preserve areas like this!

I was reading a blog on wildearth tv and someone said Azalea’s mom and dad have mated and the eagle cam should go up today. Can you confirm this

Charlotte – The adult eagles have been observed mating imcluding this evening about 5:30. The eagle cam is still having some technical kinks resolved but should be up very soon.

Thanks – we’re all waiting with bated breath! Remind me – what is the expected date for laying the first egg? I must praise God for His creation!! Thanks so much for making this wonderful site available to us.

Audrey – Re: expected egg laying date. Please read my blog entry at
Thanks – Reese

I think the eagle cam is up and running. Night vision was bad. Enjoy the Eagles.


Just saw the pictures of the mating and the feeding. So far the cam is black. Is anyone else having trouble seeing the nest?

I have found if I double click on the black picture, the cam picture comes into focus. Saw one of them there earlier this afternoon.