Posted by: rlukei | January 14, 2010

Alligator River NWR Attractive to Azalea


Well, Azalea seems to have found a place she likes, and she must be finding food. She spent all the day of Jan 9 on the eastern branch of South Lake in the northern section of Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. On the morning of Jan 10 she flew south crossing Rt 64 and spent the day checking out the farm fields, then returned to South Lake just before dark. On Jan 11 she spent the day exploring the much wider western branch of South Lake. One very interesting aspect of her behavior.  She has spent 5 nights there in one location – Jan 5/6, Jan 6/7, Jan 8/9, Jan 10/11 and Jan 11/12. That is her last location on this map – white data point.

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She must have plenty of food in the area or she wouldn’t be hanging around..water Also Dare fill is not far away

I, for one, hope she has found the perfect home. I would love nothing more than for her to love calling NC her home – away from home. At least she is still close to us.Thanks for keeping up with our Diva , Reese. Do you think maybe a biologist/photographer field trip is in order ? I know some pictures of her new home would be lovely 🙂

It looks like the Eagle Cam is back on the WVEC website!

My elementary school class in Raleigh, NC followed Azalea from when she was just an egg! The students will be excited when I tell them she’s in NC!

Hi Reese,

As I recollect from a conversation with my Swedish cousin who has a huge chicken/egg farm in Sweden, so now I need to clear the confusion in my mind… Are the eagle eggs soft when they are laid and harden when they hit the outside air??

Thanks for the continuing interest in this blog about Azalea, we all appreciate the work you put into this….

Now, what names have you decided to call the next eagle that will be tracked or can we help you with that??


Jan – The eggs are moist but the shell is hard when it is layed. Takes about 24 hours for the ova to form into an egg as it travels through the oviduct after being fertilized.

NCAnna – Alligator River NWR will issue a press release later today. I will post the link on this blog when I know it is available.

Jan – Forgot to answer your second question about 2010 name(s). Stay tuned. We do plan to fit a transmitter to another NBG eaglet and working on a plan to get YOU to help us make the selection of the name(s).