Posted by: rlukei | January 21, 2010

Azalea at Roost at Alligator River NWR

Azalea was back in the roost last night that she is using every night at Alligator River NWR. Jan 21 satellite map as soon as I get it. She seems to like where she is.

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That must be a good safe place. I hope so. Thanks for the update. Helen

So glad to know where she’s at and hopefully will be safe. Thanks for keeping us informed


it does seem like a safe place for her. i hope she is happy

Hello, I new at this and finding it hard to pull myself away .. so nice to watch them! How can I tell the two apart; is Azalea the smaller or larger one?

Thank you!

News Alert!!! Reese.. It’s about lunch Mom Eagle laying her first egg??

Lainey, not that I’m an eagle expert, by no means, but if you’re looking at the camera and nest, those are Azalea’s parents and they are getting ready to lay the next batch of eggs. Azalea is in an area that is remote off the island to Manteo, NC. According to the news, it is remote and has lots of food for her. You go Azalea!! Lainey, you’re in for a beautiful experience, you won’t be able to stop watching, daily!!

Reese. I’v noticed that “mom??” is actually laying in the nest, does this mean she may be preparing to lay some eggs?? She doesn’t commonly “lay” down, is this correct?

Patti & Patty- Dad is laying in the nest at noon. Mom on branch to right of nest.

lainey – The larger one is the resident female. I don’t know if you’ve been to the forum: You can find all sorts of information and pictures about the Norfolk eagles there.