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American Eagle on TV Jan 24

Eagle 25 035Eagle 25 033

The PBS program NATURE will air AMERICAN EAGLE on Sunday evening at 8:00pm. This show was first presented in November 2009. In the Hampton Roads area of Virginia it will show on WHRO TV Cox channel 15 and 715, Charter channel 5 and 782. It will rebroadcast Monday evening at 9:00pm on WHRO World Cox channel 107.

The two photos above are of “Pioneer.” This is a 25 year-old male bald eagle that was hatched and banded in 1985 in its nest on Jones Creek off the Rappahannock River north of Warsaw, VA, by Dr Mitchell Byrd and Keith Cline. Over a 20 year breeding period, he likely produced about 40 eaglets. Many of them and their offspring are now nesting throughout Virginia. In 1985 there were 60 known breeding pair of bald eagles in Virginia. Today there are over 600 breeding pair.

 On January 20, 2010 he was picked up by Dinwiddie County Animal Control under some power lines about 5 miles west of Petersburg, VA. He was taken to rehabilator Joy Bulls who then transported him to Lisa Barlow, a rehabilator in Virginia Beach. Lisa brought him to me and she and I immediately knew his injuries were severe – an open talon wound and the under side of the left wing badly damaged at the wrist. Probably tried to sit on the power lines. On Jan 21 he was transported to the Wildlife Center of Virginia by Bobbi Monaghan, where he was carefully examined by Dr. Elizabeth Daut and the injuries determined to be non-treatable or reversible. He was humanely euthanized.

Reese Lukei

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Poor thing, To bad that happened to him. No telling how long he would have lived otherwise. Helen

Bless you Pioneer for helping to bring so many eagles to Virginia. Wonderful to hear you were lovingly cared for in your final days. We’ll see you when we all cross over the rainbow bridge.

How sad. He was such a beautiful bird. So glad he was able to receive care from people who care and that he didn’t suffer.

Such a sad story. I have become so attached to Eagles now that I have learned about this site and follow them along with the info that you have provided, Reese. It breaks my heart but he no longer suffers and wasn’t taken in the way that nature would have. Thanks for sharing.

How old can an eagle get to be?