Posted by: rlukei | February 16, 2010

Azalea Back to Farm Fields in Hyde County, NC


It has been a week in between satellite maps and Azalea has traveled from farm fields north of Mattamuskeet NWR in Hyde County, back to South Lake in Alligator River NWR in Dare County, NC, and back again to the farm fields in Hyde County. On Feb 8 at 7:00am Azalea was at the farm fields and spent the rest of the day there in several locations. She overnighted there, but at 9:00am Feb 9 she flew north and by 11:00am she was back at South Lake in Alligator River NWR. She stayed in that area on Feb 10 and 11 and for 3 nights was back in the “roost” area she used throughout January. About 9:00am Feb 12 she again took flight southward, right back to the farm fields in Hyde County that are north of Engelhard, NC. It appears that Azalea has found a source of fish in the wide ditches that provide water to these fields. She remained in a relatively small area for the rest of the 12th and 13th and was still there at the time of this satellite map at 5:00pm Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day.

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Amazing Azalea. Up until last week I was under the impression that eagles only utilized large bodies of water for fish. Last week I saw two adult eagles and what appeared to be two juvenile eagles at a very small pond off the 168 bypass.

Sure hope Azalea comes back our way. Thanks for the update!


she’s a farm girl

our girl likes to travel. she can not stay in one would be so nice if she did come back this way to see us.been watching her folks alot,as they always do,building and sitting on the nest,they are great parents,been watching these eagles for a long sounds like she is having a good time.

Wondering who owns that farm and whether they know we’re all staring at it. πŸ™‚ Did Azalea show a like for rodents? Am curious if it’s the fish in the ditches or if there are alot of winter mice running around in those fields

My husband and I spent Valentine’s day visiting Lake Mattamuskeet….It was cold!! LOL but we enjoyed it ! Hope Ms Az is having a great time.