Posted by: rlukei | February 22, 2010

Azalea returns to Virginia Beach, VA


On Feb 14 Azalea was in the farm fields north of Engelhard, NC in Hyde County. She re-visited Mattamuskeet NWR  then turned north crossing Albemarle Sound, Hertford, NC and Elizabeth City, NC. She re-entered Chesapeake, Va and at 4:00pm Sunday Feb 21 was on Lake Lawson near Sajo Farms. That is close to the intersection of Diamond Springs Rd and Northampton Blvd in Virginia Beach, VA which is only about 2 air miles from NBG (close-up map above). There have been sightings of juveniles yesterday and today at Norfolk Botanical Garden, but it is not known if those sightings were of Azalea.

Travel Details: At 5:00pm Feb 14 Azalea was north of Englehard, NC where she had been for several days. After spending another night there, on Feb 15 she returned to South Lake in Alligator River NWR and spent the night back in the “roost” where she spent many nights in January. The next morning Feb 17 she again visited Mattamuskeet NWR and for 3 days explored areas north and south of the refuge. At 1:00pm Feb 20 she left the southwest corner of Mattamuskeet NWR and began a flight north along a slightly more westerly route than previously. About 3:30pm she crossed Albemarle Sound near Drummond Point and at 4:00pm was over Hertford, NC. She made a slight turn northeast and was above Elizabeth City, NC at 5:00pm. She rested for the night near Goat Island on the Pasquotank river north of Elizabeth City. She took her time the morning of Feb 21 (Sunday morning you know) getting going, but by 9:00am was again heading north but slowly. About 1:30 she crossed back into Virginia near the U.S. Navy Northwest Radio Station in Chesapeake. At 2:30pm she was crossing Fentress and then Great Bridge. At 3:00pm she was above Kempsville, Carolanne Farms, then Glenrocks sections of Virginia Beach. Her journey for this satellite map ends at 4:00pm Feb 21 with her in a tree off a tributary of Lake Lawson at Sajo Farms near the intersection of Diamond Springs Rd and Northampton Blvd, about 2 air miles from Norfolk Botanical Garden.

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Wow ! This is so exciting.Thank you Reese .

That really is exciting! I hope she sticks around a while. I would love to be able to see her!



I could WALK there from my house. Took a quick ride but it’s raining so didn’t see much.

I really hoped I’d get a glimpse of Azalea after we heard she was in the area. Only one juvie was seen from NATO tower yesterday while I was there, but much too far away to determine if it was banded or transmittered.

How exciting – do hope someone sees her and gets a picture!!!