Posted by: rlukei | March 9, 2010

Azalea returns to Mattamuskeet NWR in NC


When we last left Azalea on Mar 2 at 9:00am she was in Camellia Acres across Lake Whitehurst from Norfolk Botanical Garden. She spent the rest of Mar 2 nearby NBG and spent the night at Hunt Club Point on Lake Whitehurst. On Mar 3 she wandered around Norfolk from Lakewood, Willowwood to Mason Creek near I-64 close to Ward’s Corner, then to the Thoroughgood section of Virginia Beach where she again spent the night behind Independence Middle School. The morning of Mar 4 she got up and headed south by 9:00am and back into Currituck County North Carolina at 10:30. She crossed the Albemarle Sound and flew over Alligator River NWR about 1:00pm and arrived at Mattamuskeet NWR in Hyde County by 3:00pm. She spent two nights Mar 5 and 6 west of the Wildlife Drive, and the next two nights east of the Wildlife Drive. For the 4 days Mar 5-8 she has stayed on the south side of Mattamuskeet Lake and as of this satellite map at 5:00pm Mar 8 was close to Rt.94 along the west side of the Wildlife Drive.

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Whew, a lot of looking and chasing on my part and NO pics! Thanks for the update Reese.

She sure puts in a lot of miles. Always happy to hear of her travels and that she is well…

Thank you once again!

Do young eagles usually group together with other young eagles or do they remain solitary animals until they find a mate?

Thanks Reese. I’m glad she’s not hanging around the airport area! Looking forward to another year of healthy eaglets. Thanks for all the special care and great info you share with us!

Hello Reese,

I just looked at the latest tacking map and daily update. If Azalea is where she appears, you might want to send a notification to the Vernon James Ag Extension and Research Station. They have several catfish research ponds and I have seen several eagles hanging arouns there. I am heading that way tomorrow on the way to the OBX, maybe I can get a picture of her!

our ms diva is a traveling girl,wish she would have stayed awhile to see her new brother or sister,but she is a busy one.good luck girl,hope to see you soon.thanks reese for everything.

Will azalea find some place and make a nest this year.

Eleanor – Azalea is only one year old. She will be 5 years old before she settles down and finds a mate.

Hubby and I went exploring Az new digs!! Very nice area. Will look forward to going in warmer weather! LOL We went in Feb and it was cold. Lots of birds to look at….it was great.