Posted by: rlukei | March 15, 2010

Azalea Near Plymouth, NC


Azalea continues to prove that she is a wanderer and explorer. On Mar 8 at 5 pm she was on the Wildlife Drive at Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge. She rested there overnight and about 12 noon on Tuesday Mar 9 she began flying northwest and at 2pm reached Belhaven and turned due north crossing into Washington County, NC. For the next 5 days, she explored all around Roper, NC flying back and forth across US 64. This is mostly farmland, but with a number of ponds and creeks. I also understand that there are several catfish farms in the area. She spent a lot of time on Mar 10, 11 and 12 at a very large pond just north of US 64 and about one mile east of Roper. As of this map on Mar 14 at 11am, Azalea is a couple miles east of Plymouth, NC just south of US 64.

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Azalea is having a great time exploring!

I’ve been photographing adults and juvies at these ponds for 6-8 months. There are many adults and early in the morning it is an eagle haven. Roper is a good place just off of US 64

Reese, I’ve driven there to see the eagles. The pond was covered with eagles! I don’t think the owner likes it much though…..

Randy Skinner, Thank you for the info.
It’s good to know Azalea must be hanging out with other eagles and eating well.