Posted by: rlukei | May 9, 2010

Sticking to Catfish Diet

As of Sunday morning May 9, Azalea is hanging tight at the catfish ponds east of Plymouth, NC.

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Hi Reese,
I was just wondering if these catfish are being taken from farmers and if they may get upset that the wildlife is eating their fish? It just makes me a little nervous.I just hope they enjoy their company

She did not go back to say Happy Mothers Day .
Oh well- she still likes catfish and the other selections on menu.
Thanks Reese.

Krista – These catfish farm are hugh and the amount of fish being eaten by these eagles is very small. These farmers are not only helping to feed us humans, but also contributing to the repopulation of the bald eagle, a species that was nonexistant in this region a few years ago.

She certainly has a good choice of fish. good for her! thanks for keeping us posted reese.


Are these catfish ponds accessible to the general public. Is there any photography oppurtunities? Thanks