Posted by: rlukei | May 17, 2010

Catfish still on the Menu


The map shows that as of Saturday May 15 Azalea remained at the catfish ponds east of Plymouth, NC. Other than soaring high over the area Azalea has not left the catfish ponds since the last update on May 11. She continues to return each night to the “communal roost” with other eagles feeding at these ponds. As of this map at 6:00pm May 15 Azalea was perched in a tree only about 50 feet or so from highway US 64 on the north edge of the catfish ponds and about 1/2 mile east of the office of the Tidewater Research Station.

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Where is Plymouth, NC exactly? Is this a populated area, people wise, besides the farm? How big would you say Azalea may be at a little over a year old???

Patti – I suggest you do a search on MapQuest or Google for Plymouth, NC.

well i see our miss diva still likes catfish.i bet she is getting fatter,she must really like this spot.maybe this is where she will stay and raise a you girl,your sister camellia will be there soon.thanks again rlukei for everything you have done.