Posted by: rlukei | May 31, 2010

Camellia’s Adventure Begins

NC in flight - Shelly 5-31NBG Eagles NC closeup 5-30-6NBG Eagles NC closeup 5-30-9NBG Eagles NC closeup 5-30-11

The journey and adventures of Camellia – wearing purple band NC – has begun. He fledged from the confines of his nest tree at 8:09pm May 27. It did not take him long to get in trouble when he missed a landing on May 29 and hung up-side-down for about two minutes with several photographers recording the event. On May 30 Camellia landed in the camera tree right next to the camera and posed for over an hour – photos 2, 3 and 4 above. Thanks to Shelly Fowler for the in-flight photo above taken at 9:24am May 31.

The future reports on the travels of Camellia will be reported on this blog site as well as those of Azalea who remains at the catfish ponds near Plymouth, NC as of May 30.

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Thank you Reese as we start our new journey with Camilla.

I would also like to thank you and all of your colleagues for such knowledge and adventure.It will be curious to see if he heads for that landfill!!!

This has been quite a learning experience since I began at the hatching of egg#2..then it became not only learning but pure enjoyment..Thanks to all concerned.

Hope the transmitter gets some good sun on it soon! Hard running thru the trees with camera & phone & looking up! LOL!!

What a handsome dude! Even his wing pattern is outstanding. Thanks to all the moderators on the blog. Congowings, Shoebutton, et. al. – you do an amazing job. Thanks Mr. Lukei for keeping everyone informed and the photogs for keeping us connected when the camera is down.

Wow. Great pics. Thank you so much.

These pics are so sharp. I love the second one. He looks as if he is looking right back at us. He is such a beautiful bird. I am so amazed at how rapidly these eaglets grow. Thanks so much for all the info you privide and the wonderful pics. Its a joy to watch these birds.

Another kid to keep trak of and what a better one than “Cam” the man! I look forward to seeing what our guy is up to in the future. What beautiful photo’s of him too. Thanks Reece for all you’ve done.