Posted by: rlukei | June 9, 2010

Azalea Spends Night Off the Farm


For the first time in several weeks Azalea spent a night, June 7, off the catfish farms – BUT, not far away. Just across highway Rt 64. She also made a day-trip to Roper on June 4. Other than those two very short trips Azalea has stayed right at the catfish ponds and rested at night with the other visiting eagles in the communal roost in the wooded southwest corner of the Tidewater Research Station property. As of this map at 5pm June 8, she is perched in a tree close to the smaller fish ponds operated by the research station.

Camellia update: As we all know Camellia has fledged and he is flying short distances from the nest tree. The solar panel has still not built up sufficient charge to send out signals. It has been very cloudy and when the sun has been out, Camellia has been back in the deep shade. As he spends more time soaring as he has the past couple days, the transmitter should begin to send signals.

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