Posted by: rlukei | June 16, 2010

Camellia Transmitter Sending Some Data

Camellia transmitter-7Camellia transmitter-4

We know that everyone, including us, has been anxiously awaiting to receive data from the satellite transmitter that is fitted on the back of Camellia (NC). The transmitter is powered by a solar cell and as we are all aware it has been very cloudy lately. In addition, Camellia has spent a lot of time sitting in the shade. For the solar cell to charge completely it needs full exposure to the sun. The good news is that the transmitter has begun to send some data and you will note that the distance traveled is being recorded on the wildlifetracking map. However, the transmitter has not yet begun to send GPS locations. The weather forecast is for full sun beginning on Friday for several days. We also expect Camellia to spend more time soaring and expanding his range away from his nest. Libby Mojica is monitoring the data closely and is expecting a fully charged transmitter to soon begin sending GPS locations.

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i think our boy is checking everything out. i believe he will be gone soon to check on new land.
i am so glad we can have track of him.good luck big boy.maybe you will run into your big sister.that would be so great.

That would be wonderful Betty! πŸ™‚ Since I’m so new to this blog…are Eagles curious and adventurous by nature? Just watching Azalea and wondering if she’lll get another boost of energy an do exploring again

hi mcb, our girl loves to wonder,but from what i understand this is part of what young eagle birds do.she could come back to the catfish farm and may very do.she loves these catfish.then she will take off for somewhere else.i am hopeing her brother ,camellia ? will caught up with her.all we can do is wait and you girl

As hot as it’s been, can’t blame him for not wanting to sit in the sun, hence slow charging on the transmitter I guess. Will be another exciting adventure to track this one along with Azalea!