Posted by: rlukei | July 2, 2010

First Camellia Map July, 1, 2010


Here is the first satellite map from the travels of Camellia (banded NC). It only contains partial data for June 28 and July 1. That data shows that Camellia was over the mouth of the Lynnhaven River near the Lesner Bridge at 8:30am on June 28. He then flew west across Norfolk and Portsmouth to Suffolk northwest of the Great Dismal Swamp NWR by 10:00am. Camellia then returned to Virginia Beach over Thoroughgood and then Lake Smith and Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base at 2:45pm. Data incomplete as to when Camellia returned to Norfolk Botanical Garden.

The data for July 1 is very sparse. We know from photos taken by Joe Foreman at NBG that Camellia was at NBG at 3:18pm. He must have left there right after that because at 4:00pm he was on the east side of the Nansemond River in Suffolk near Willis Island. At 4:12pm Camellia was between the mouth of Chuckatuck Creek in Isle of Wight County and the mouth of the Nansemond River in Suffolk. That is the last data point for this map. Camellia was at “the dump” area of NBG with the male adult and NE this morning at 10:00am. Will have to wait for the next map to learn if he returned to NBG yesterday or early this morning.

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Camelia was still at the dump area today, 7/2, along with NE & ND.

Wow, never would have guessed he had been to all of those areas!

Thanks everyone for the information about Camillia, ND and NE. Please continue to share your information. I appreciate it!!!!

see our boy is getting around. i didn”t think he would travel so much. was at nbg on sat,didn”t see the boys,but i think i saw one of the parents.these parents are great parents. god speed camillia,hope you get up with your sister.

Thank you so much for these posts. Having awful Eagle Cam withdrawal, so it’s wonderful to keep track of Camillia and siblings when they are sighted or Cam’s transmitter info. Godspeed to all three!

Having such a hard time not seeing our beautiful “boys” everyday through the cam. Thanks everyone for letting all us “empty nesters” know what’s happening at NBG. I get such a kick hearing they are at “The Dump”!!Easy pickens, I guess. LOL! Last time I was at NBG was Sunday, June 27th. We were there for 4 hrs. in hopes to see the “boys” in flight. We did see the male perched in a tree on our pontoon boat outing. It’s near the dump. And, finally saw, after searching through the scope forever, one of the “boys” in a tree, behind the nest tree. It was 108 with the heat index that day. Our fledgling was perched in the tree panting, with his wings out for air. I also saw and heard him calling! Even though we never saw them in flight, and were quite disappointed, hearing him call, seeing him in the tree, and seeing Dad, was worth the day. God speed “boys”. Fly high and free. You make us all proud!