Posted by: rlukei | July 7, 2010

Azalea Returns to Virginia Beach


For the satellite map period June 29 at 11:00am until this map at 7:00pm July 5, Azalea remained at the catfish farms UNTIL 1:30pm Monday July 5, when she made a direct flight to Stumpy Lake Golf Course in Virginia Beach. Her flight route took her across Albemarle Sound into Chowan County, then Perquimins and Pasquotank counties and the western corner of Currituck County and back into Virginia about 4:00pm. She then crossed Chesapeake and at 5:00pm arrived at the Stumpy Lake Golf Course. We will have to wait for the next map to know if Azalea spent the night at Stumpy Lake or elsewhere.

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Looks like a nice lake with alot of trees around. That wouldn’t be a bad place for her to weather the heat

Come home for a visit Azalea so our photographers can photo you!!!

Reese she is coming home long enuf to grab her brother NC and drag him to the catfish farm -after all he is “””NC””” .

I do hope you get to see her before she comes back home. Be safe in your travels Miss Diva.


well “miss Diva” you have come for a visit. are did you stop to pick up your brother?wish someone could get a picture of you,could you stop so they was out at your old home on sat,didnt see your brothers,but i think i did see one of your parents,you have nice parents,look at the great job they did with you.reese thanks for everything you do.along with everyone else,i do not want to forget them.god bless.