Posted by: rlukei | July 8, 2010

Azalea in Virginia Beach July 5-8


Alright Azalea – we are going to find you!! She is back in Virginia Beach. Last night she spent the night near the intersection of Witchduck Road and Wishart Road which is about 1/2 mile behind Bayside Hospital on Independence Blvd. There is a borrow pit lake with no name that is behind Donation Apartments. She arrived there at noon yesterday July 7 and spent the day flying back and forth across the lake. I talked to the lady whose yard she stayed in last night and she said they were in their swimming pool until about 8:00pm and did not see Azalea. They will be watching for her tonight.

So after arriving from North Carolina about 5:00pm July 5 at Stumpy Lake in Virginia Beach, Azalea spent the night there on the golf course just off Indian River Rd. The next day, July 6 she flew directly to Lake Smith about 5:00pm and spent the night on the lake in Lakeview Park. After spending the morning in various spots on Lake Smith, yesterday about 11:00am she flew over to the borrow pit between Witchduck Rd and Wishart Rd. Azalea we are looking for you!!

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Good luck to all the locals in finding Azalea!! C’mon Azalea, show your wings to us. lol

Thank you Reese for the update.

challenge issued for pic of her !!! LOL

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she met Camelia? Welcome home, Azalea!

I left a dead deer in my yard to munch on.

Good Luck Reese!!! I hope you can find her soon and get the shot everyone wants!!! You deserve to be the one to get it for all you do for them and us.

i think our girl is looking for her dad”reese” lol glad 2 have her home,hope someone out there gets her picture.hope she finds her glad she is home for a visit,are mayb she could stay for a thanks again 2 everyone for what you all do for our babies.

KOOL… glad she is close to home :0)

So glad is she back home. Now if she would just stay here! I hope someone gets a picture of her. Good luck Reese! It would be really terrific if she was in the Gardens with her new siblings and parents!

any sightings yet?

This makes me so happy to hear. I just love her.

Loved hearing Azalea is back in the area. We saw an eagle soaring above us when we were sitting on the deck of the Wisconsin Friday night around 8:25 p.m., July 9. It appeared to be catching the thermals and soaring higher and higher. Could any of the transmitter data tell us if it were A or C?

annsva – No sightings by any of us. Azalea slipped into town – did her thing – and left without lettings us know where she was until after she was back in North Carolina.

We saw a Juvie eagle fly over 264 at 12:55 on was near the Witchduck Road exit.was that you sweet Azalea?