Posted by: rlukei | July 12, 2010

Azalea Returns to Catfish Ponds


Azalea remained here just long enough to let us know that she still knew her way home, but she needs more manners as she failed to say “hello” to any of us looking for her. I am certain that someone saw her while she was here, but none of us. Oh well, next visit!

She left her night time roost at Wishart and Witchduck Roads early on July 8 and flew east across Witchduck Point to Little Neck, near where I live and stayed there until 12 noon when she took flight and went non-stop directly back to the catfish ponds by 6:00pm. That is nearly 100 miles without a stop along the way. Once there she returned to the communal roost and other than a visit to a pond just north of highway Route 64 on July 10 and spending the night there, Azalea is still at the catfish ponds. As of this map at 10:00am July 11, she is perched in a tree (one of only about a dozen trees) near the Tidewater Research Station fish ponds.

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πŸ˜€ she is such a tease. I had visions all weekend of our local photographers doing the eagle version of a scavenger hunt!

I was really hoping we would see some pictures of her. Maybe she will come back soon. That was an amazing flight back to the catfish ponds!

Azalea has a good thing going for her–plenty of food and friends to keep her company. Did hope someone here would see her before she skipped town!

Reese there has GOT TO BE a way to get her into a hand held GPS. I know how bad you want to see her – along with the rest of us πŸ™‚
I was hoping she would at least stop by and ring your door-bell before she came back home to NC.
Maybe next time she will have matured a little and stop by to see you. You know how Divas are lol

Now Azalea you are suppose to wave your wings at us before you go back to the farm for catfish!! lol

Thanks Reese for the updates.

Azalea dear Azalea – what a smart girl you are. You probably watched as so many of us searched to find you. I have a feeling you saw the fireworks and decided to come home for the party – just like you did when they turned the holiday lights on at the gardens in December. I hope you found the time to give instructions to your new siblings. It looks like Cam was listening and is following in your wing flaps. Soar high and free and never, never forget how much you are loved.