Posted by: rlukei | July 15, 2010

Azalea Back to Catfish Routine


Azalea has pretty much returned to her regular catfish routine. She has visited a couple nearby places she has been before like the old borrow pit just north of highway Rt-64 which is right behind the office for the Tidewater Research Station, and the swampy area east of the catfish ponds off Gourd Neck Rd. She spent one night near the borrow pit, two nights in the woods off Gourd Neck Rd and two nights in the communal roost to the south of the catfish ponds. As of this map at 6:oopm July 14 she is perched in one of the only trees near the ponds. I went there today to visit Azalea, but more about that trip later.

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Reese – no fair lol DID you see her ???? I lit a candle for you in hopes that it would help .

I can only hope the “more” is pictures of our baby Diva and the story of how she was so glad to see you.

You are a tease Reese! When are you going to share the pictures?

this IS later . . . details please =)


wish I could go see her :0)

reese,please stop teasing us. lol does she look wonderful ? we all know she is your girl,lol i think she likes teasing you also. thanks for everything. we all love our “miss Diva”. and now we have cam too.

Reese – I know you are really busy but … IS later lol . The suspense is killin us.
I so hope you saw her and you are smiling so big πŸ™‚