Posted by: rlukei | July 26, 2010

Azalea Finds New Night Roost


Not much new to report about Azalea and her travels. Maybe it has been too hot to travel! She only made one very brief hop across highway Rt 64 on July 21 to another very small pond that she has visited several times before. Other than that she has spent all her day time at the catfish ponds. She spent two nights in the communal roost, one night in the Gourd Neck Rd. roost and for the first time spent the night in the woods that border the east side of the catfish pond area. At the time of this satellite map, 11:00am July 23, she is sitting in one of the trees near the smaller Tidewater Research Station fish ponds.

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It’s been too hot to do anything Reese. As long as I know she is well and safe …I am very happy. I love her very much and just tickled to have her in NC. Just hope HE and HK are safe as well.

Thank you for watching over her and loving her too Reese:)


our miss diva is a good girl,its to hot to move she has find a cool place and staying there,she has her cat fish,what else does she need. lol thanks for the up dates.