Posted by: rlukei | August 2, 2010

Azalea Returns to Northumberland County, VA


Azalea has answered one big question – will she return to where she flew to originally when she left Norfolk Botanical Garden last August 21? The answer is – YES. The last satellite map as of 6pm July 28 showed Azalea was in Little Neck in Virginia Beach. She spent the night in the same spot on Oyster Bluff Lane and the next day July 29 remained in Little Neck until 4pm when she flew to the marsh behind Independence Middle School in Thoroughgood where she has been several times in the past. She spent the night there, then about 10am July 30 flew to the “no name” borrow pit behind Old Donation Apartments, a place she has also been to before. From there she flew to Sajo Farms on Lake Smith, again a familiar place and stayed overnight. About 10am July 31 she returned to the no name borrow pit, and at 12 noon took off on another of her long-distance non-stop flights. She flew to Newport News by 1pm, crossed Gloucester Point, then Weems on the Northern Peninsula (Camellia was here last week!!) and at 6pm arrived at Sydnor’s Millpond which is a few miles west of Edwardsville, VA in Northumberland County. She was here before on September 13-14, 2009. This map is as of August 1 at 1:00am where she is resting at Snydor’s Millpond. The second map shows her travels while in Virginia Beach.

Click on maps to enlarge.

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Reese she is looking for her brother lol.
I just hope she and NC both are careful. Their safety is my #1 concearn. As long as my Diva was sittin at the catfish pond … I didn’t worry. Now that she is flitting around in VA ..I worry much more. Be safe all 6 of you …you are all in my heart and I think of you every day.
Reese I really hope this time you can see her 🙂

Whew I am just exhusted reading about her travels. I just love her. Thank you so much for the updates. Highlight of my day since I retired. lol

definitely sounds like a road trip this year to see what the attraction is & how many eagles are hanging out there!!

that girl is something else.i pray that she will be find,im like dixie,she needs to be back at the catfish farm,she doesnt need to be wandering around va that much.god bless girl,go and get your brother and you two go to the