Posted by: rlukei | August 6, 2010

Azalea Visits Potomac – Briefly


Azalea has revisited some very familiar places that she hung out at in 2009. On the last map on August 1 she was on Sydnor’s Millpond near Edwardsville, VA where she spent the night. She spent all morning of Aug 1 at the millpond, but about 2:00pm she flew north a few miles to Hull Creek off the Potomac River. This is a place with which she is very familiar having spent much time here in the fall of 2009. She rested overnight here and made a flight out over the Potomac River which means she was in St. Mary’s County, Maryland for a very brief time about 1:00pm Aug 2. She then returned to Snydor’s Millpond for another nights rest. Having satisfied herself that all was well at her old stomping grounds, about 10:00am Aug 3 she turned south leaving Northumberland County and into Lancaster County, crossed the Rappahannock River into Middlesex County heading toward Gloucester, then turned west crossing the York River into York River State Park in James City County. She continued a short distance further to just west of Croaker, VA and at 5:00pm arrived at a small pond west of Mt. Laurel Rd, south of Ware Creek Road and about 1/2 mile east of I-64 not far from Exit #227. That is where she is as of this map at 7:00am Aug 4. Her little brother Camellia from the 2010 NBG brood is only a few miles south on the James River. Will they find each other???

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Go AZ – find your baby brother – show him around.

That would be wonderful for them to see each other …but I guess would never know they are brother and sister. Just hoping for them to be safe and full of nice big fish 🙂 I wonder if she has seen her nest mates HE and HK . I would like to think – yes . Fly high free and safely all 6 of you . We miss you 🙂

I know we are all having wishful thoughts that these two would be together, even though that is unlikely and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t know each other if they did meet up, but I wish them both safe travels and hope they will soon come home to NBG. I miss seeing them.

I would like to think that they know each other. Who can say they don’t for sure? Who can say the paths of all the NBG eaglets have not crossed yet? Who can say they are not flying together? These are questions that maybe someday will be answered with certainty. With these eaglets, we are one step closer to finding the answer. That is what is so interesting to so many, being a part of learning something that no one has known before. You have taught us so much already yet we want to know more. Fly free and fly safe!!

It is so fascinating watching the travels of these two. Your narratives make it such fun Reese, thank you. Everyday I look forward to the next leg of their travels.