Posted by: rlukei | August 6, 2010

Camellia In Charles City County, VA Aug 5


Camellia has not travel very far since our last map on July 31. He remained in Surry County, VA in the Guilford Heights area along the James River until 3:00pm August 4 when he flew across the James River into Charles City County just west of  Tettington, VA. As of this map at 7:00pm Aug 5, Camellia is just west of Tettington right on the shore of the James River. His older sister Azalea, born in 2009,  is only a few miles north near Croaker, VA. Will they meet up by our next map???

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I’m still curious why Azalea left the convenience of her catfish ponds to fly north?

our ms diva likes to travel,dont worry she will be back to the catfish pond,she loves them catfish,lol
wish you luck girl,take care,look for cammy,take him with you.thanks reeves for everything again.

I am hoping they are gathering their brothers and sisters and all 6 will head for the catfish ponds lol

BUT I really hope they stop on the way to see you Reese.
Thank you so much for every wonderful thing you have done for us and our beautiful Eagle babies and our Diva

How great to hear about the travels of Az and Cam. Living in the area, all of these places are so familiar. Hope they do find one another, but then how would they know? Thanks Reese for keeping us informed of their whereaabouts.