Posted by: rlukei | August 9, 2010

Azalea Completes 400-Mile Loop Flight


Azalea left the Tidewater Research Station near Plymouth, NC on July 28 at 10:00am and returned at 7:00pm Aug 7. During that 400-mile roundtrip she visited Virginia Beach, the Potomac River in Northumberland County, and Williamsburg, VA.

On the last satellite map at 7am Aug 4, she was just off Interstate 64 at Croaker, VA not far from Williamsburg. She left there flying west across I-64 to just north of Williamsburg and about 3pm flew almost directly over the office for The Center for Conservation Biology at the College of William and Mary where Dr Bryan Watts and Libby Mojica work. Azalea then spent the night on College Creek where it flows under Route 199 that circles around Williamsburg. The next morning Aug 5 she took a short flight to the mouth of College Creek where it empties into the James River. The Colonial National Historic Parkway which takes you to Jamestown Island to the west and Yorktown to the east passes along here. That is where she stayed the rest of Aug 5 and all day Aug 6. For sure many tourist stopping at the several overlooks and the beach along the James River probably saw her flying about as she was quite active during that time period. At 11am Aug 7 Azalea left here and flew direct non-stop arriving at 7pm back at the Tidewater Research Station and the catfish ponds near Plymouth, NC!!

P.S. – Azalea and Camellia were both near the same place on Aug 6 along the Colonial National Historic Parkway. See details on Camellia posting.

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I am so glad she made it back safely 🙂 Welcome home my sweet Diva

I hope they waved at each other- and happy Cammy did not follow Azalea . He needs to explore the world.

As always a fascinating account…and i love the detail of her flying over Dr Watts and Libby’s office!

Wow! This girl does love to fly and explore the world. Too bad Dr. Watts and Libby Mojica didn’t get to see her. Come back soon, Azalea!