Posted by: rlukei | August 9, 2010

Camellia Visits Hopewell, VA area


Camellia has toured the James River since our last map at 7am Aug 5 when he was in Charles City County near the community of Tettington, VA. He has flown east and west of there since then. He remained in the Tettington area on Aug 5, but on Aug 6 he flew a bit east to Jamestown Island. At 1:00pm Camellia came within one mile west of where Azalea was along the Colonial National Historic Parkway and the mouth of College Creek. But that is as close together as they got because Camellia then reversed course and flew west along the James River and by 5pm was back in Guilford Heights in Surry County and rested overnight near Claremont, VA. On Aug 7 Camellia flew west along the James River to just east of Hopewell, VA to Jordon Point in Prince George County. He rested here near Jenny Creek and flew back to Guilford Heights in Surry County on Aug 8 and that is where he is as of this map at 6:00am today Aug 9.

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NC should have gone with your sister to catfish farm !!! Be safe in your explorations NC:)

We are headed up route 460 to Petersburg and Richmond tomorrow. We will keep our eyes open as we pass near Surry, etc. Glad to hear Cam is seeing some of the world or at least VA!!

So nice to have updates on Azalea and Camellia and so exciting that they are following similar paths. I think Azalea was dropping in to see her people to let them know that she was doing ok. She is putting on the miles that girl! Fly safe Azalea, Camellia and siblings. We hope to see you all again when you return home to the Gardens.